The life of a teacher has many starts and stops but the end of the year is a great point to revisit my goals. Here is my account of achieved and missed 2016 goals. Some of these were achieved by design, some simply by accident.

A Point On Goal Tracking

I have trouble keeping focused if I don’t have ready access to my goals and to-do lists.  used to keep track of my goals in Evernote but now track them in Google Keep. I tag notes either “My Goals” or “My Goals (Achieved)”. It is easy to track them that way and pull them up when I need to.

My 2016 Goals (Achieved)

  1. Start a Student Help Desk at my school
  2. Present at a Professional Conference (Leading Future Learning Conference | Topic: Social Media Policies)
  3. Present At MassCUE (Massachusetts technology conference | Topics: Games & Learning, GSuite Productivity, Student Technology Help Desks, Snapchat)
  4. Get published in a book (Wrote chapter for Gamify Literacy)
  5. Design Google Drive course on
  6. Design Google Drive (Advanced) course on
  7. Design SEI MTEL Test Prep course on
  8. Make $100 a month offering courses to teachers
  9. Achieve 30 daily average visitors to
  10. Write a total of 50 blog posts

My 2016 Goals (Missed)

  1. Write a post 2 times a week
  2. Complete course on badges and leaderboards
  3. Receive Google Teacher Certification

Many of last year’s goals were simply about achieving certain benchmarks that were important to me. Largely, I wanted to prove to myself that these benchmarks could actually be reached. But they lacked something for me. Direction.

I wrote many posts because it was what I “thought” I should write. I had trouble sharing more knowledge because I had a lot of knowledge I wanted to share but simply couldn’t prioritize what I wanted to do with my time outside of work.

As I design my goals for 2017 One thing I would like to do moving forward is achieve greater clarity and focus about what I like to do. I have many passions and I struggle with narrowing them down to achieve real results. I suspect this will be one of my life-long battles but awareness helps, right?

Question: What goals of yours did you achieve this year? Which ones did you miss?